Toyota Prius

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Models available: Toyota Prius 1.8


Bristling with kit, the new Toyota Prius also adds value for money to the package

As Toyota plans to introduce full hybrid technology across its core model ranges, it continues to refine the quality, performance and owner-appeal of Prius, still the world’s best-known and best-selling hybrid vehicle.

In 2012 guise, the third-generation Prius is now an even an even stronger proposition thanks to a rationalisation of the range which means that in its latest incarnation, the 1.8 CVT Exclusive is also a bargain.

As ever, the appeal of Prius is underpinned by its outstanding efficiency: it continues to deliver 89g/km CO2 emissions – the lowest level in its class – and a combined cycle fuel consumption figure which errs ludicrously on the side of frugality (just 3,9 litres per 100km). Thanks to hybrid technology, the Prius is just as miserly on fuel when travelling around town – you’re looking at consumptions of just 3,9 litres per 100km in the urban cycle (same as combined) and 3,7 litres per 100km in the extra-urban cycle.