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Models Available:

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 3.0 Diesel TX Auto
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 4.0 V6 VX Auto
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 3.0 Diesel VX Auto
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 4.0 V6 VX Auto (with Sunroof)
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 3.0 Diesel VX Auto (with Sunroof)


  • Dramatic new look for legendary Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
  • Smarter interior with added functionality
  • Under-the-skin changes – suspension refinements and extra safety kit

Toyota’s iconic Land Cruiser Prado has undergone a metamorphosis with bolder exterior styling, a more refined interior and even better handling for 2014.
Ringing the exterior changes is an extensive redesign with a deeper front bumper, heritage-inspired grille and newly styled alloy wheels that reinforce the Prado’s toughness, reliability and legendary off-road prowess.
Interiors too have benefited from comprehensive upgrades that raise quality, convenience and ease of use with new multi-media audio systems as well as a redesigned dashboard featuring improved materials, detailing and features.
Under-the-skin fettling comprises upgrades to the electronically-modulated Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) to enhance handling and ride comfort characteristics.
Finally, Toyota has amplified functionality by providing additional driver guidance aids such as Blind Spot Monitoring and a Tyre Inflation Warning system on the VX and Trailer Sway Control (standard across the range) that assists when towing by negating the possible unpleasant consequences of crosswinds or bumpy roads.
Toyota SA Motors Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Calvyn Hamman, says the upgrades will reaffirm the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado as one of the most technically advanced and easy-to-use 4WD vehicles in the world.
“Toyota Land Cruiser Prado has become renowned in the 4WD market for its blend of rugged performance and premium features.
“The latest improvements will enhance Prado’s rock-solid reputation as one of the world’s toughest and most reliable 4x4s while offering the cachet, comfort and on-tar performance that are important to today’s customer,” Hamman says.


Dramatic New Look

The new Prado front-end treatment is the stand-out feature of the redesign, led by a deeper front bumper, heritage-inspired grille and new light clusters.
Toyota has introduced a more prominent grille that marks an evolution of the traditional arrangement of five parallel vertical bars, giving them a stronger appearance.
The new grille and restyled headlamp clusters form a single, powerful-looking unit, which has been positioned higher to make it less vulnerable to damage when driving off-road.
A neat touch is the inclusion of discreet Land Cruiser branding above the turn signal lamp within the headlamp casing. Headlights and daylight running lamps are LED on the VX.
The oversize bumper’s two-step design protects the headlights while its sharply trimmed lower section minimises the effect of the front overhang on the vehicle’s off-road abilities.

In addition to being electrically-adjustable and retractable, the outside mirrors on TX models are now also heated; in the case of VX models, added functionality comes in the form of Blind Spot Monitoring.

The latter warns the driver if there is a vehicle in the blind spot on either side, using millimetre-wave radars to detect other vehicles in adjacent lanes. It informs the driver of the presence of a vehicle by illuminating indicators in the relevant exterior mirror. The mirror indicator will remain illuminated as long as the vehicle is detected. It will flash when the turn signal is operated while another vehicle is in the blind spot (a summary of the major changes on the new Prado is included at the end of this document).
There is no change to the turning circle (11.6 metres) or approach (32°), departure (25°) and ramp-over (22°) angles, safeguarding Prado’s excellent agility, manoeuvrability and off-road supremacy.
The vehicle profile is enhanced by newly designed 17-inch six-spoke alloy wheels for TX and 18-inch 12-spoke alloys for VX versions.

Moving to the rear, changes are more subtle but nevertheless just as eye-catching as the Prado’s new face.
Tail-light clusters have been redesigned with clear lens blocks inset with red accents. Once again, the Land Cruiser logo is neatly integrated within the lamp casing.

Aesthetics aside, Toyota has also increased the new Prado’s aerodynamic stability thanks to aero stabilising fins on the exterior mirror base and rear combination lamps.

In addition, there are front and rear spats to smooth air flow around the tyres and wheel housings, and a rear undercover to channel air flow behind the rear tyres for a smooth exit behind the vehicle. A rear spoiler smooths air flow from the roof. A front deflector corrects air flow coming through the radiator grille, to reduce turbulence. The front bumper is designed to push air flow away from the sides of the vehicle, to smooth the flow towards the rear. (Prado has a drag co-efficient of 0.35.)

There are two striking new exterior colours: “Midnight Blue Metallic”, a dark blue mica paint, and “Liquid Bronze Metallic”, a mid-tone khaki hue.

VX versions are available with an optional electrically-operated sunroof.