The All New Toyota Yaris

Yaris 1.5 Xi R221 995.00

Yaris 1.5 Xs R243 995.00

Yaris 1.5 Cross 
R258 995.00

Yaris 1.5 Xs CVT 
R259 995.00

Yaris 1.5 Sport 
R274 995.00

A new Toyota Yaris, has been launched in South Africa. It’s bigger and, importantly, more distinctive than its predecessor, and it’s capturing the imagination of young & old buyers.

When Toyota first launched a Yaris in South Africa in the mid-noughties, the Prospecton-based manufacturer’s compact hatchback seemed to be a car that everyone wanted to own. We all had at least one friend or family member that drove one and for good reason too: it was compact, reliable and easy on the eye – not forgetting its biggest asset, affordability.

Its successor, which debuted in 2012, was conservative in virtually every aspect, so much so that one could argue that it was simply a solid product that traded on its predecessor’s reputation. An update last year saw the introduction of a new engine, a fresh look and other features, which notably helped the 1.5 Pulse derivative bag a spot in the finals of the 2017/18 Consumer Awards.

Check out the latest offering from Toyota SA, in this sleek new 2018 Yaris.