The 335KW Hilux

In recognition of not only the sheer number of Hilux vehicles produced, but also of its unparalleled success as a competition vehicle, Toyota SA Motorsport has built a one-of-a-kind  Hilux. Known as the Toyota Hilux Racing Experience, this unique machine is a celebration of Hilux.

At the heart of the race version of the Hilux is the powerful and flexible Lexus IS-F V8 engine. In celebration of its racing success, this is the same engine that does duty in the Toyota Hilux Racing Experience vehicle. With more than 335 kW of power available at 6,000 rpm, this is most likely the most powerful Hilux ever built. However, the Hilux Racing Experience is much more than just a Toyota Hilux with a big engine – it is a finely crafted machine that embraces a host of technology used in Toyota SA Motorsport’s Hilux race vehicles.